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How to kill the morning

Just a bit of a recap.

I'm working as an intern for Transamerica this summer. Let me tell you, this is boring stuff. I slow myself down so I have stuff to do all day. Reading blogs, buying things on amazon, and circumventing the firewall (see end) are the only things keeping me sane. All I do is print and type. I didn't devote the last few years to math just so I could play around with spreadsheets and waste mountains of paper like a dirty trick.

A trained monkey could do this job. Well, it would need an opposable thumb to type as fast as I can, but maybe an android monkey with special spreadsheet skills. Definitely.

I sometimes wonder if the people here are real humans. When I met the other intern, and listened to him wisper his timid "hello" behind a smile that displayed his missing canines, I thought, "This has to be a joke." He's only slightly worse than the rotund woman whose body has evolved to fit perfectly into any chair to form a dome shape (napkins can't stay on her lap because of the steady curve). A skinny young asian girl is my respite. That and I get to practice memorize eight digit policy numbers.

I am in the second month of working here. The first month I was so exhuasted from the 8 hour workday that I did almost nothing. Now at least I'm dancing again (Rumba class, woot), and I think I'll even join the Frontrunners for a jog around the safe parts of LA. Oh! And, I found a LGBT ballroom class that begins in July.
I'm so excited. I've never cha-cha'ed with a guy before. God, I need a date.

For now I'm just entertaining the mother while she visits from Minnesoooota. She's afraid to eat my cooking, so we drive around hungry--boy are we angry when we have no food--until we blow up and she drops me off at home. She leaves Saturday. It shall be bitter-sweet, but for now I mainly see the sweet.

Final work complaint--Aegon (the company that bought out Transamerica) has an extensive firewall. My computer is connected via LAN to a server running SmartFilter, which has blocked sites updated weekly, I believe. I can only check my college email, and I fear they'll wisen up to that if they ever checked my internet traffic. So, if anyone out there knows of a way to spoof this thing, let me know. I might just have to set up a remote shell on my home linux box. Bah!


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