The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Like a lazy ocean hugs the shore

I joined Gabby for lunch at Patina--a restaurant that's been in my sights for a while. Appetizer: a tomato stuffed with mozzarella, surrounded by diced artichokes and baby greens covered in balsamic vinegar and a mysterious green sauce. It was delicious but gargantuan. Finishing the vegetarian risotto with peas was almost too much. I had to unhook my jaw and expand my belly a bit.

By the way, Dante meticulously detailed waiting for the C-dash on a full stomach in 100 degree heat when he wrote about the third circle of Hell. Never take a bus to/from a nice meal.

Conclusions: A relaxing place to get lunch whenever I have a craving for expensive French cuisine, but L'Orangerie was so much better.

I only have three more Rumba classes left! Those straight women need to stop screwing up. Some of them couldn't keep their arms firm if their second slice of lard cheese cake depended on it. I can't lead noodle-arms!

Speaking of noodle, I might not go clubbing tonight. Someone give me a plaque, I just out-sacrificed Jesus.


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