The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand



I was dumped! By a cuddle buddy. What the hell is that? One of the big reasons I wanted to find a cuddle buddy was to avoid the odd and annoying formalities of relationships--dating, dumping, "feelings".

Obviously this can't be my fault. He must have something wrong with him, and cuddling could bring that out. The first thing that comes to mind is herpes.

Now I am trying to calm down. This afternoon I went to the park and read one of the two English books I own. At the moment I am sipping some fruit tea, and later I will continue my job search.

Once all my essentials are figured out, I will figure out how to live in Beijing without the physical comfort of a platonic cuddle buddy. There aren't many people I find cuddle-buddy acceptable in this yellow sea. Right now that means that no one else I know is suitable... I need to start networking again.


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