The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


That's so cute

For Jazz ex, I met your 10 minutes, and I raised you 10 more. :-P

Sunday night I went to see The Descent. I would have thought the movie was scary if it was just about the people crawling around the cave slowly going crazy. No need for the flesh-eating bat people. Actually, if they left out the sci-fi part and stuck to people being trapped in a cave I would have been much more frightened. Maybe it would have even reached the nightmare level. As it was, The Descent was good for a lot of cheap scares. Still, it was the best scary movie I've seen in years.

On Saturday I bought new jeans. MM and I went to third street promenade to browse, and with help from MM and the staff of Lucky Jeans, I finally found a new favorite pair that will match my favorite shirt. New clubbing outfit? I'm excited. Now I just need new shoes.

Oh! Oh! I'm moving out tomorrow. I have to be out of the apartment by 5:00pm. Where will I live until I can move into the dorm? How will I say goodbye to my friends in LA? Is there still time to celebrate with expensive French food? The great mysteries of my life.

Thank you, Transamerica, for the time you paid me to do nothing. Also, for the $85.50 you paid me to run around, stretch, do pull ups, push ups, etc in the crappy little basement gym of your's. It's been hot. I probably won't work for you ever again. :-)

For a peek at my cutesy date on Saturday, hit the jump.

MM's roommate invited us both out to dinner at Cynthia's. Yes, someone volunteered to be the third wheel. He had made reservations before MM confirmed, but it ended up being rather enjoyable. I got to meet the new owner and I made the roommates laugh a lot. He seemed nice, but more of a "connector" type that likes to have many acquaintances rather than a few close friends. I also got the impression that he hooked up a lot when he was younger.

Lying in bed, watching a movie. I start talking about how odd it is that I met MM at RAGE, and that if Gabby hadn't pushed me into him, I might not have danced with him.

Of course he has the best possible rebuke. (I wasn't even expecting one)

M? (roommate) asked MM who he thought the cutest boy in the place was--who he would sleep with. He scanned the club and then pointed out the boy with glasses at the bar. (I don't remember hanging around the bar) When I finally did dance with him, he had been circling the prey for a few minutes already.

What a cute Saturday night.


Anonymous Jazz Ex? said...

wait what?....i take it that's me....but i have no idea what that means....



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