The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Well on my way

Recently, I've actually had work to do at work. Amazing! All that extra money people pay for life insurance actually creates something! The weekend, too, was more exciting than usual. I was able to check off a few numbers from my list of ten things to do.

2 --
This is a half check. I still need to make four more dishes.

5 --
I went on a date with the 30 year old from the club to Paru's Vegetarian Indian on Sunset. It was delicious and beautiful. Then, we 'watched a movie.'

6 --
I've so far met 30 year old, Charles who lived in France, and a group of four Taiwanese women who are studying to teach English at USC. (we chatted in Chinese, which made my day.) Definitely more than my original 4 person plan.

8 --
I went to the beach for the first time in three years, and to the gay beach for the first time ever. I may have been the whitest person ever to walk that beach. My camera battery died before I took one picture, and there was the strongest rip tide that I've ever experienced. Still, it was fun and it reminded me that I need to get my abs to the nearest gym.

I did a fair amount of flirting with 30 year old.

Things left to do, not in order of importance.
1 -- Hollywood sign
3 -- San Diego, which looks rather unlikely now.
4 -- Universal Studios. Probably during the week.
7 -- Buy new jeans, a belt, and shoes
10 -- Sex.

A slight recap of the weekend antics. Both roommates were gone this weekend--one at home and the other at her 21st birthday party in Vegas--so I took the opportunity to do some Friday night cuddling. Very satisfying. Saturday I cooked, went to the beach with my friend, ate at In-and-Out (swoon) and attended a party in Azusa that was just as horrible as I expected. At least we got out at 1am, before the boredom knocked us out cold.


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