The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


By the way bitch

I don't believe in being a gentleman. That's sexist, bitch. Being polite, though, is something I can respect. That means that I'll let a woman go ahead of me in line if I'm feeling nice, but I'll only give up my seat for the elderly and disabled (sorry, but obesity is not one of those disabilities I acknowledge). The idea is that it's my choice to be polite.

Most days I stand right in front of the bus stop, unless someone was already waiting, in which case I'll stand a few steps back to let them get to the bus first. I'm staking my claim there. "I was here first, get out of my way," sort of thing. So, imagine my horror as the bus stops and the same stout women (these women are always stout. Skinny women know better) push their way to the front of the line without even an acknowledging glance. These ladies think it's their right! They've removed any sense of being polite from the gesture by demanding to step onto the bus first. Ungrateful swine. One of these days I'm going to stick my elbow out and clip one in the jaw while I step galliantly onto the bus before them. That'll jolt the ugly right off them.

Besides, we live in a day of gender equality. You filthy women better live up to that. (the women in China do)


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