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The Saturday Afternoon Tryst

It took half an hour to drive up the 110 to the 5. My air-conditioning has a funny habit of not working when it's over 95 AND I'm going under 40 mph. Considering the 110 and the weather in the valley, I was panting.

For over a year I've been talking to J.T. We met on when I still considered that a legitimate place to meet new friends. Then, I went to China and our friendship became firmly internet-based. He was traveling the world collecting interviews for a movie, and I was based in Beijing, complaining about my dating void. I threatened to attack him if he was ever in China.

Six months after I got back and the first time he's in the area for more than a day, I head to his house for a visit. At the door, I offered my hand and I got a hug. The next four hours followed.

I haven't had a conversation like that in a long time. He reminded me how much I went through living in China, and how different I see world now. He reminded me that some people spend time thinking about the world around them. Also, he reminded me that I haven't been to the gym since school let out.

After a slow walk around the city, some boba, a soft pretzel, and a sneak peak at his new movie, I went on my way. He seemed to enjoy himself as much as I did. Considering I haven't had this feeling (stemming from a combo of knotted stomach, warm neck, racing thoughts, and furrowed brow) in too long, I'm hoping he wants to date.

As any normal self-conscious boy, I'm skeptical (I've seen people he's... had relations with. It doesn't bode well for me). I'll reserve telling him about my feelings until I have a better sense of what he wants. (If you just want to be friends, do you say things like, "I really enjoyed our conversation and hope to hang out again soon"?)

Anyway, I'm happy in the pursuit of a new possibility sort of way. :-)

As for the weekend re-cap:

Friday was wasted. I went out to see Devil Wears Prada with my menstrual roomie, but it was sold out. Instead she helped me buy a new cologne (Ti Amo Te) and we went to the upscale grocery store Whole Foods, where I bought expensive cheese and various nibblies I can't find at Ralphs. I cooked that night :-)

Saturday I spent making green onion pancakes. Delicious. After the boy, I went out to Hollywood with Gabby and his gang.

Sunday morning was not pleasant. I baked bread. I met another boy from online. A not so fun experience. He was skinnier than me and figited a lot. People who can't calm down irritate me. The new 4400 episode was a little disappointing.


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