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Asparagus delight

Around 5pm yesterday, besides being tired and going into vodka withdrawls, I was also extremely hungry... come to think of it, I still am...

So I fished out an artichoke from the decaying fridge and went to work. I made the usual artichoke stuffed with breadcrumbs and parmesean. It takes 45 minutes to cook this monster, so being the binge eater I am I couldn't wait. I went through a mental list of my food items and thought, "The asparagus! The asparagus!"

The mood called for lots of garlic, so I made a tomato garlic sauce and cooked it along with the asparagus. half-cooked the asparagus first in a bit of oil, browned garlic in olive oil, added tomato and a dash of water. Once the tomato was getting mushy I mixed in the asparagus. Delicious.

Next time: add 1/4 cup romano cheese and some salt... maybe even an onion.

Now if only I could get people to stick to their plans on a Friday night.


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