The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Age is a rotten banana

Age is a mushy tomato, a bruised apple, a disgusting black mushy spot on a banana--the whole fruit is ruined. I eat a lot of mushy tomatoes.

So, no date for Drew. He used the old banana excuse: "I would date you in a heartbeat, but the age discrepancy is too great." Don't I feel 12 years old (a ripe tomato?). I am much more disappointed than I wanted to be.

It seems I always wait to be older so I can find people I get along with. I shouldn't be waiting to get my age spots to be accepted. Something is going wrong here. I need to stop this. This time, find another 20 year old. Yes.

Still, dauntless Drew might try one last time to change his mind... We meet again for dinner on Thursday.

What I am cooking: sliced mushrooms cooked in bacon grease and garlic, with the cooked bacon crumbled on top. (originally stuffed mushrooms, but I got lazy and ran out of ricotta)


Blogger Renee Christine Campbell said...

"Dauntless" was the word of the day today! Strange world. Martha commented under your comment that she thinks your funny. :-)



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