The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Fluffy, squishy things

Who tuned into care bears way back when? As a child I remember watching the TV series on accident a few times, oogling their special powers. "How cool would it be to have rainbow lights shoot out of your stomach?" Minutes later, the utter lameness of the care bares re-surfaced, and I would switch X-Men or Exo Squad, where the special powers at least implied a bit of gore.

Lameness aside, I think of them every now and then--how gay they were. How gay was I to even watch it? I mean, I like them now. They're cute, cuddly, chubby little things. Utterly annoying, too. (Sounds like my small asian girl fetish.) But when I was a kid? I'm surprised my family didn't see the inner homosexual after even a minute of that froofy, colorful show. Sheesh. As if the barbies weren't a clue already.

Funny, though. The last time care bears popped their furry butts into my mind I was playing with the stuffed white tiger my friend christened Toby. This time, they came to mind after a night of cuddling with a tall, muscular man.

JT had a bad day. He found out a company stole money from him... a lot of money. He said he needed some cuddling that night.

JT: "Want to be my cuddle buddy for the night?"
Drew: "Maybe."
JT: "Maybe?"
Drew: "Maybe=yes."

This, out of all types of foreplay, is where I shine. I've had cuddle dates for years. Cuddling can be just that, or it can be seduction. Brushing skin, shifting occasionally, pressure in the right places, breathing against the neck (in the case of the little spoon, moving your neck), and noting the reaction of every movement. If you both play the game, everything starts to heat up. But! I am very capable of letting cuddling just be cuddling. Excellent self control. However, what I decide and what I say aren't always the same (i'm a bad objectivist). Considering this was my chance with JT, I took it.

Not surprisingly, things went my way.

JT: "I've been waiting a year for that kiss."

It was cute. Very cute. I'm glad I went over. I just need to see what comes of it, if anything.

No more dating posts after this, they're ridiculous.


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