The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Fine! I'll make cookies.

It was too hot. While I need to go to the grocery store to get some items for Saturday's marathon cooking party, I stayed home and flirted with friends too distant to take it seriously. I should embrace the weather and my sweat glands, but it's already 85 with 60% humidity. That's pushing it. I may just sit on my ass until Wednesday.

Since I had nothing to really cook last night, I boiled some ravioli and made some risotto from a box. If it wasn't for those, I might have resorted to ramen and carrots. Or maybe deliciously overpriced cheese with crackers for the second day in a row. Anyhow, as I was half heartedly stirring the slow-cooking rice, my roommate Lindsay begins sniffing around and staring at my cooking.

Lindsay: "Are you making cookies?"
Drew: "No."
Lindsay: "You make really good cookies."
Drew, smiling: "Thanks."

I go back to my computer to check my email and catch up with ten minute old IMs, then I realize that she wasn't asking a question. Sometimes I just don't pay attention to things.

Drew: "Oh, did you want me to make cookies?"
Lindsay, concealing a grin: "Oh, no. I mean, only if you wanted to. If you did, I would eat some."
Drew: "You're such a liar."

Just to note, my oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the best I've ever had. Cookies are good and all, but once my roommates tried my cookies, they saw the light. So I made cookies and my two roommates and I sat around on the couch eating cookies, gossiping and browsing the internet. I felt like it was a real bonding experience. Lindsay even let me borrow an egg for the cookies. What a sweetie.

Sometime during the conversation my other roomie started talking about how she keeps running into old faces via facebook and myspace. She went into a long story about a boy on the Eagan, MN team of a public speaking competition she attended in HS. A few years later she spots him walking by her door into one of her gay friend's rooms. He goes to Cal Poly.

Drew: "Is he cute?" :: laughs ::

Then she shows me his facebook picture. I was impressed. I sent him a message because I'm a facebook stalker, and I like cute short boys, especially if they're from Minnesota.

Soon after I sent JT a message telling him to come get some cookies.


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