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San Bao

Three things to make a Saturday night enjoyable.

1. Randomly encounter the Japanese punk gal who you hung around for four months while living in Beijing.
2. Have the hot, built, tall bouncer compliment your smile, then kiss him on the cheek.
3. Dance with hot boy, get his number, followed by a date the next day.

All this despite the fact that my body is now suffering the effects of combined alcoholism and lack of running (see photos, gah).

My Saturday afternoon lunch extravaganza turned into an overdone Saturday morning cook-a-thon. (ie, small attendance. I got fat.) On the menu was stuffed portobello mushrooms (the best dish that day), stuffed artichoke, rosemary bread (used fresh rosemary. Next time I need to dry it first), butternut squash soup, and lasagna (as it turned out, onion with lasagna). Everything was ravaged, save a bowl or so of soup. I am pleased.

After eating we drove to Pasadena's Le Petit Vendome to pick up the best cognac under $100, Louis Bouron. I can't describe how delicious this stuff is. Cognac/Brandy is the only alcohol I enjoy drinking, and out of all the cognacs I've tasted, this is my favorite. It is now a customary night cap.

Then, of course, clubbing with three fun highlights, and the next day a brunch at Basix with the man from the club. It was a pleasant weekend, indeed.


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