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New Life

Jumpy update:

Last Sunday I moved in with two French guys in a large apartment (small room, though) in a very convenient area of Beijing. Apparently they received 20+ responses to their advertisement online. They chose four people to show the room to. Apparently I got to see the room because I had said in my email, "I am an American..." They thought I must be very open minded to want to live with the French. When I finally moved in, they welcomed me with a slice of raw pork. I ate it and didn't get sick. I think I pass.

So far I think we get along great. One of them works for a wine company. As we were eating Korean food, one of his friends walked by. We invited him to join us, and he busted out a bottle of white wine and a bottle of port. I swooned inside.

This Sunday I bought a used bicycle for around $25. This is an attempt to get more exercise and save money by not taking the subway (it'll be much more comfortable, too). I'm just horrified that it might get stolen, so I bought three locks along with it. I hope that's enough...

This Tuesday I will finally meet face to face with a representative from Fair Isaac. I think I have the job at this point--after spending three and a half hours on the phone interviewing. They just want to make sure I'm a real boy. If I get that I'll be the happiest queen in Beijing. If I don't, I still like the job I have. It's just not as much money... or Mandarin...

In a few days I should have internet access from my apartment. Until then I am forced to either mingle with the pale, smoking, social awkward Chinese nerds in internet cafe's or misuse work time by sending emails at work. :-) I think i'll go for the work option.

Many fun stories. Not enough time to write them all.


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