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Fair Drew

"In vai coontry, we are youzed to ryeding bikes."

A very large, jolly woman laughed at me when I told her I was afraid of riding in Beijing. We met while we were both getting our bicycles fixed at the same shop. She was foreign, but she assumed I could tell exactly where she was from through her accent. Besides the US and Australia, I can't imagine another country with obese people. I was stumped.

Since then, biking has become a bit easier. I even biked home in the rain yesterday. I was completely soaked, but I decided I will tell people that I love the rain, rather than admitting I forgot my umbrella and didn't want to leave my bike at work.

I officially begin work for Fair Isaac, Beijing, on October 8, immediately after China's week-long October Holiday, or National Day. That means that my current company will pay me, then I have a week-long holiday, then I start at the job I was trying to get since June.

In celebration, I have decided to go to every place listed in the one-day and weekend Excursions section of my "Insider's Guide to Beijing." After I get my paycheck, I will hit them one-by-one.

Basically, I think I've got this Beijing thing figured out. Once I find someone to date, I believe I will have totally settled in. Once the dick comes out, I will be living in Beijing.


Anonymous Fair Sam said...

"once the dick comes out"


good luck with that



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