The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Shanghai grip of death!

Due to severe fog, all flights to and from Beijing were canceled. I am stuck in Shanghai until 9pm SATURDAY. I will NOT be able to party this weekend.

Shanghai must be a woman. Only women are needy enough to screw up your plans.

Also, I found out that my only good friend here--TB--will be leaving in December. When it happens, I hope it won't be a death-blow. But, I also realize that it's very difficult for me to find people I get along with on TB's level. When he leaves I will essentially be back to square one. I will have a handful of acquaintances--a former classmate, a few women, and a my ex-cuddle buddy who I kind of resent for 'dumping' me.

At the same time, similar things have happened in the past.

There was Jason at HMC, but he was more mature than me in several ways. We parted ways suddenly. After that I branched out and made other close friends.

Carrie and Renee at HMC also became my best friends, and while we still are very close, there is now a great distance between us that no amount of communication can mend. Graduation was emotional because of them.

At a few points I was very close to Gabby as well... but there was something in me that kept me from telling him everything. I think I was afraid of another Jason situation. We are still close friends, but he is in a different world now.

And now TB. At least with him I know exactly when things will end, and so I can make the best of the time we have. I foresee cocktails and expensive dinners...


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