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Shanghai to Beijing

There's something on the wing!

I have never been more frightened in my life. There was turbulence throughout the entire flight coming home from Shanghai, and the especially horrifying portions take-off and landing--to optimize the sense of doom. During the more severe points I honestly expected there would be a fatal malfunction, sending us spiraling to our deaths.

I also considered calling the stewardess to come hold my hand...

Death seemed imminent, but my life didn't flash before my eyes--I didn't regret not doing something or wish I could have done more. I was just frozen with terror. My hands gripped the arm rests with all my strength with the hope that it would help stabilize the plane. I tried to focus on other things, but during the worst parts they turned off the in-flight movie. All I was left with was staring at the seat in front of me.

But, I survived. As I walked away I had the desire to find a boy just to hold my hand for a while, and I was a little sad that I still haven't found a cuddle buddy.

I met up with TB as soon as I put my things away in my apartment. We had a drink and I tried to forget about the trip to Shanghai.

How I remember Shanghai:


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