The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Hong Kong was not as drunk as I imagined it. The day after Halloween I suffered from symptoms of food poisoning, preventing me from eating the entire day. When I arrived in HK my stomach had shrunk so much I would feel nauseatingly full after two bites of pasta.

But I kept trucking! I managed to do a few things while in HK...

Robin and I drank the entire weekend, but the first night my stomach was too small to handle all the alcohol I needed to get drunk. The best period was when we spent an hour trying to find the ideal bar Sunday night around 2am. We would walk into a bar and order drinks. Then we would look around and notice that everyone in the bar appeared to want to mug us, so we left before they gave us our drinks.

Robin and I tried absinthe for the first time. Beyond the rather pleasant taste, after I drank it my throat immediately closed up. No hallucinations, but it hit us both hard after a half an hour.

I bought my single most expensive piece of clothing--a D&G jacket from one or two seasons past. Now I just need to show it off a bit, so I need to buy more outfits that will look cute in it.

I orchestrated a date with a cutesy Italian boy for when I return to Beijing. His English isn't so great, so we communicate in Mandarin. If he's at all interested in me I'm going to jump him so fast all he will see is a bright red flash.

Just a few minutes ago inside the airport I bought a full facial care set from Kiehl's. I've heard good things, so they best be worth it.

In forty minutes I am heading back to Beijing... and hopefully figuring out how to recover from my wreckless Hong Kong spending spree.


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