The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


How to be a bastard

Example 1 - today's text message conversation

Romanian: Happy Thanksgiving!
Drew: Thanksgiving is a North American holiday.
Romanian: God u're so dry. frankly I couldn't care less about thanksgiving, but as u r north american u were on my messaging list 4 this holiday. no worries.

What I almost texted in response: Please don't belittle my holidays by pretending to appreciate them.

I really dislike this Romanian, but he's the Maltese's best friend. You can't go around pissing off people when you want to sleep with their friends. [Socialite rule number 69]

Example 2 - Christmas Vacation

I am planning to stay with a former cuddle buddy from Minnesota when I return, rather than spend 24 hours straight with my family. As a former cuddle buddy, he's interested in me sexually. We've chatted extensively on the matter.

Meeting the Maltese has thrown a wrench into the works. I have yet to decide how to deal with this--whether I should ask the Maltese if we are exclusive, or if I should tell Minnesota boy the whole situation and possibly screw up my chances of a free place away from my mom. Not to say he's trading his room for sex, but I think he's really hoping for it.

Sexual opportunities from more than one person. Who knew I'd even be that popular?


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