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Italy to Malta

Italy was a bust. On Thursday the Italian and I left both knowing that the other was interesting, but that there was no possibility of ever dating. That was disappointing, but when I walked home I was satisfied I found a person I don't absolutely despise.

Things started looking up when I went out again Friday night. Things started out with pre-drinking with Liu Lei, then met up with the Dutch at Nanjie. Finally, we went out dancing at Alfa to my favorite 80s music.

Strangely enough, I met someone--RP--I had spoken with online a few months earlier. We had mediocre conversations, so I imagined we wouldn't get along. However, I did my best to flirt, and it worked. We went out again Saturday, hitting up a salsa club and Destination, where we made out on the dance floor. Hot. The next morning he left for a lunch dinner, and we met up for dinner before he went back to his town in Langfang.

I mistook him for Italian, but apparently RP is Maltese. I wonder if the dog originated from that area. Either way, he seems nice. One of my other great relationships--with MM--began with bar dancing and broken chatting. Maybe this will turn out the same.

Overall a good weekend.

Next weekend, champagne brunch... and sex?


Blogger sammy said...

i like how you skip from - "made out on the dance floor. Hot." - to - "The next morning he left for a lunch dinner"




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