The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand



Yesterday I spent over $100 buying alcohol for Christmas Drinks with Drew party (aka my birthday celebration). It should be nice. As soon as I bought them, I went back home and got myself drunk trying different chocolate mixes. Quite delicious indeed. After a little practice, I may just find the perfect nightcap.

Friday the Maltese and I will have a pre-party kick-off where I will get to practice trying to look sexy while mixing drinks. After that, even if I can't mix drinks well, all I will have to do is make two rounds of decent drinks before no one can tell the difference.

In other news, this week I worked on the client side, and it makes me want kill myself with chopsticks. Besides the squatter toilet and the lack of mirrors (how do I fix my hair?), I also have to deal with a one hour commute. I am not being paid enough to deal with smelly buses and subways (yes, I have to take the subway then switch to a bus).

Something has to be done, and now I am having second thoughts about the Barbie Dreamhouse Tally and I are planning to rent. Would I be happier in a place by myself closer to work? A 10 minute bike from work would be ideal.


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