The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. --Ayn Rand


Oh, em, gee

I amaze myself almost every time I go out.

Last night I went out to Tigerheat with my gay drinking buddy Gabby and his brother and co. We met a million women who made me feel proud to not be a teenager anymore. I waited a half an hour in line, even after the guard let us cut through most of it. Gabby, who breezed through the 21 and over line, waited with a hideous look on his face. I thought he was going to kill me with his Kenneth Cole murse, but once the vodka kicked in, it was my usual antics on the dance floor. Everything I knew of the rumba washed away with my sobriety.

Drove home, showered, slept. I don't remember getting ready this morning, only looking at the alarm clock and cursing because it was 45 minutes after when I should have been up, 15 past when I should have been out the door, and a full 4 hours before I should have been conscious. Everything else is a blur. I miraculously appeared at work 15 minutes later (jesus christ) looking something like a bottle of belvedere disguised in jeans and a shirt. Thank god for casual Fridays.


Before we left, I stole Gabby's computer to respond to my first blog-related email, notably vanguard from the blogroll.
Met a random Indian girl about to go to UCLA. I even remember her name.
Gabby attempted to save me from an old cuddle buddy, and failed miserably.
A woman called me "amazing" on the dance floor.

I hope the random Indian woman myspaces me. :: swoon ::


Ricotta Gnocchi

Who knew that making my favorite italian food was so easy? I changed an online recipe to remove the sage (ew, sage) and put it in a pesto sauce with pine nuts and grated parmesan. As long as I ingore the fact that my hand made gnocchi balls look like tumors, it's great. Next go I'll add some spinach and egg to it, and somehow learn to make these look pretty, like the stuff you buy in packages.



Here's a nice photo from one of my numerous boba trips I went on while I was living in Beijing. That shirt looked so good in China, but it looks like shit in the US. What happened? Oh, I got skinnier.

How to kill the morning

Just a bit of a recap.

I'm working as an intern for Transamerica this summer. Let me tell you, this is boring stuff. I slow myself down so I have stuff to do all day. Reading blogs, buying things on amazon, and circumventing the firewall (see end) are the only things keeping me sane. All I do is print and type. I didn't devote the last few years to math just so I could play around with spreadsheets and waste mountains of paper like a dirty trick.

A trained monkey could do this job. Well, it would need an opposable thumb to type as fast as I can, but maybe an android monkey with special spreadsheet skills. Definitely.

I sometimes wonder if the people here are real humans. When I met the other intern, and listened to him wisper his timid "hello" behind a smile that displayed his missing canines, I thought, "This has to be a joke." He's only slightly worse than the rotund woman whose body has evolved to fit perfectly into any chair to form a dome shape (napkins can't stay on her lap because of the steady curve). A skinny young asian girl is my respite. That and I get to practice memorize eight digit policy numbers.

I am in the second month of working here. The first month I was so exhuasted from the 8 hour workday that I did almost nothing. Now at least I'm dancing again (Rumba class, woot), and I think I'll even join the Frontrunners for a jog around the safe parts of LA. Oh! And, I found a LGBT ballroom class that begins in July.
I'm so excited. I've never cha-cha'ed with a guy before. God, I need a date.

For now I'm just entertaining the mother while she visits from Minnesoooota. She's afraid to eat my cooking, so we drive around hungry--boy are we angry when we have no food--until we blow up and she drops me off at home. She leaves Saturday. It shall be bitter-sweet, but for now I mainly see the sweet.

Final work complaint--Aegon (the company that bought out Transamerica) has an extensive firewall. My computer is connected via LAN to a server running SmartFilter, which has blocked sites updated weekly, I believe. I can only check my college email, and I fear they'll wisen up to that if they ever checked my internet traffic. So, if anyone out there knows of a way to spoof this thing, let me know. I might just have to set up a remote shell on my home linux box. Bah!


A test

Nothing to do but write.